Freeway Operations SIMulation

User meetings

FOSIM user meeting March, 4th, 2021 The completely renewed Fosim 7.0 will be demonstrated during this online user meeting.

FOSIM user meeting September, 17th, 2019

FOSIM user meeting June, 14th, 2017
On Wednesday, June 14, 2017 a user meeting users was held in Utrecht. More than 25 users of FOSIM attended. Three presentations were given at the user meeting (Dutch only). One presentation included the validation of FOSIM, where simulated capacity values are compared with measured capacity values. As a result a calibration of narrow lanes in FOSIM will be conducted in the second half of 2017. It is expected that new a version 6.1 will be released at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Henk Heikoop


  1. FOSIM 7.0.1442 is now available

    Download FOSIM 7.0.1442 here (Only for registered users). July 2023

What is FOSIM?

To a large extent traffic operations determine the quality of road infrastructure. Consequently, a thorough understanding of the expected traffic operations is required for traffic engineering problems, for instance, in case of the reconstruction of roads. However, it is often difficult to acquire such understanding because of the complex relationship between infrastructure and driver behaviour.
Fosim is a simulation model that can help with the analysis of traffic operations on Dutch motorways.