A selection of projects where FOSIM has been used


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  • Most documents below are in Dutch but do include summaries in English.

FOSIM manuals

FOSIM 5.1 - User Manual The user manual for FOSIM 5.1 [in Dutch]
Remark: the on screen representation of this document may be mediocre for older versions of the Acrobat reader.
FOSIM Course - Documentation (Concept) Documentation as used with the FOSIM course given in December 2001 [in Dutch] 1.3MB

User meeting FOSIM June 14, 2017

Application management, Enigmatry In addition to recent changes in FOSIM, some background is given about the way of programming of FOSIM and the sometimes complex algorithms. [In Dutch] 0.9MB
Validatie en kalibratie, SWECO Recent research into the validity of FOSIM comparing simulated capacity values include measured capabilities including conclusions and announcement of narrow lane calibration. [In Dutch] 1.6MB
Toepassing FOSIM met gevoeligheidsanalyse, Rijkswaterstaat Using simulations of variants of a future roadmap, a sensitivity analysis is described and examines key settings of a simulation in FOSIM. [In Dutch] 2.2MB

FOSIM development

Validation of FOSIM for asymmetrical weaving sections Validation of FOSIM for asymmetrical weaving sections [in Dutch] 1.4MB
Traffic operations under congested conditions Ongoing research into traffic operations under congested conditions (the results are not yet implemented in the distributed version of FOSIM) [in English] 2.6MB
Traffic operations on slopes Ongoing research into traffic operations on slopes (the resulting acceleration model has been implemented in FOSIM 5.0) [in Dutch] 3.6MB